Gifts for ghosts

  Petchy says ghosts are far more commonplace in her world than they are here, and when it’s time to go Christmas shopping many people include spirits on their gift list. In fact, it’s becoming quite trendy to combine Halloween and Christmas into one big celebration.

       So if you ever find yourself in Petchy’s universe and need to go ghost-gift shopping, here are some items you might consider.

       * Petchy says many ghosts materialize using the same old ectoplasm over and over. This can lead to odor problems, so what better gift than Ecto-Splash-Em? It’s a deodorizer and karma cleanser all in one and comes in both a mist and a spray. And she says it makes an excellent shampoo as well.

       * Did you really contact Aunt Matilda during that seance last night, or was it a demon in disguise? With DemonDinger you’ll know for sure. DemonDinger can be attached to the standard sized planchette that comes with most Ouija boards, and makes a “ding” sound whenever demons are present. The deluxe model can also play seven Christmas carols.

       * Are ghosts ruining all your family photos, popping up as blurs or blobs of light right in the middle of the action? An inexpensive, downloadable Photoshop app will filter them out. It’s also good for getting our red-eye. But it only works in RGB mode, not CMYK.

       * Some spirits just don’t make good house guests. A few can be quite rude and demanding. But you don’t have to call in your local priest or an expensive exorcist to be rid of them, because now there’s Ghost-Begone, a device that sits in the middle of your living room sending out anti-ectoplasmic pulsations that repel most spirits. It also filters out pollutants in the air with the ionic attachment. For demons, the deluxe model is recommended, but at $17,000 it’s a bit pricey.

       There’s lots more gifts out there, but Petchy says these are the most popular this holiday season. However, she isn’t buying anything for Liddy and Cresta because she’s mad at them. But that’s another story.


2 Responses to “Gifts for ghosts”

  1. Charlotte Holley Says:

    This is too cute, Stan! Petchy is so in the know about these gifts ad devices. It almost makes me with we had more of a ghost problem here!

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