Kill my husband

My latest novel, Kill My Husband, has just been released by Gypsy Shadow. The synopsis: Eldelaide Crawson desperately wants to kill her husband, and she’ll do anything to get the job done. But despite her best efforts, Barrett manages to survive her strange and diabolical attacks. And then, just as success finally appears within her grasp, Eldelaide makes a bizarre discovery that changes everything.


New five star review for Petchy

One of the few times I couldn’t predict the ending
Normally I know the solution to any mystery book I read once the suspects are named. I did not expect the ending I got.
If I say too much I’ll give a lot of spoilers. So I’ll keep this short. As a woman who’s told every single day how ugly she is and how she’ll “never amount to anything” because of my looks, it’s so nice to read about a heroine who’s not beautiful. A heroine I can relate to.
By Jami J. Russell