Won a Preditors & Editors Award for the second year in a row. Last year it was for The Caskian Scandal. This year it’s for The Extortions of Stiffani Voydalle.

And next year? Perhaps the Edgar? The Hugo? The Pulitzer? One never knows.



Lighten up!

I’m so glad someone invented super bright headlights. It’s so nice to be trying to turn left at night and the a-hole in the next lane has their super-lights on high beam — why they come with a high beam is beyond me — and I have to hold a hand in front of my effin’ side mirror so I’m not completely blinded by this d*ckhead. Meanwhile, you can’t buy colored neon running lights for your car because the Nebraska state legislaturd decided they were too distracting. Gee, and Christmas lights on houses aren’t? Pretty colored lights are unsafe but blinding other drivers with super bright white headlights is OK. Beam me up, Scotty, I’m stranded on the planet of the dumbsh*ts. But when you beam me up, use the low beam please.