Three Nasty Nightmares

Horror mega-pack. Three terrifying tales of nasty chicks who don’t take crap off any man. You’ll laugh, you’ll scream, you’ll wake up in a cold sweat. Or is that something else soaking your sheets? Meet Napasha, Issilda, Enitra and Adipail – if you dare. All of them are gathered together for the first time in one spine-tingling collection. The price? Only a madman would offer a trio of quality stories like this for a mere 99 cents, but that’s what I’m doing. Download them now, before I come to my senses.


Nasty dead girls snack on jack

My latest short story, “Nasty Dead Girls Snack on Jack,” has just been released on Smashwords. It’s about two cool ghoul girls who indulge their undead appetites and satisfy their depraved desires.