Oh great. I was sitting in the can and suddenly realized there’s a major error in my latest mystery novel. I had to republish it. Ah, the joys of being a self-published author. A glaring inconsistency might not be so bad in a regular novel, but in a mystery novel it’s kind of important that if something doesn’t add up, it’s a clue, not incompetence on the part of the author.
“Mister Carter, you’re under arrest for impersonating a novelist!”

lady bobby


Steam Sleuth sequel

When Sir Waldraff Fammory Bleen – the famous aeronaut, industrialist and all-around asshole – is killed by a Vindanian flying death dagger, Bombalay police inspector Hanop Rasavan asks Lt. Aubrianna Chellbamber to help him solve the case … much to the annoyance of Capt. Lank Vadis, who suspects the handsome Rasavan is more interested in Aubrianna than the investigation.