Have a blast — a Miami Blast

miami blast thumbnail

Excerpt from Chapter Eight:

“My masterpiece!” he wailed. “You steel-skinned saboteur. You meddling mechanical monstrosity. Thanks to you the world has lost one of its greatest literary treasures!”

“I believe the term ‘literary’ is inaccurate, Dr. Snyth. ‘Literary’ refers to writing of the highest standard, both stylistic and thematic, whereas the contents of your notebook barely rise to the level of the lowest genre fiction.”

“Spare me your silly soliloquy, you lexicographical lunatic. And don’t try to evade the issue. Your actions led to the destruction of my notebook, and I shall never forgive you. Never!”

“If you had recorded your alleged literature on a tablette and backed up the file to our ship’s cloud server, rather than relying on your antiquated paper-and-pen technology, your data loss could have been prevented.”

“You clanking cretin, how dare you question the methods of an artiste!”

The robot’s bubble head popped up to its highest extension. “Alert! Alert! Hatch of spaceship now opening. Several occupants disembarking. Initial telemetry scan reveals no hostile proclivities, but caution is advised until further readings are completed.”

“Never mind your wearisome warnings, just tell me what planet they’re from.”

“Ship’s transponder identifies it as the Sarah Briggs, a commercial starliner owned and operated by Southwest Spaceways and homeported on … Earth.”

Dr. Snyth’s eyes lit up. “Did you say … Earth?”


“Well don’t just stand there, you electronic idiot, drive us over there!”




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