Four star review for Miami Blast

miami blast thumbnail

Matthew Pilkington’s review

4 Stars

Take ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’, mix it with ‘In like Flint’ and Dean Martin’s Matt Helms movies, add elements of ‘Time Tunnel’, ‘Lost in Space’ and ‘The Bionic Woman’, have it stirred well, not shaken (the proper way to make a martini) and you would have Tacita Pruval, a sex-on-legs secret agent who would leave James Bond lying limp on the floor from exhaustion and her adventure in this uninhibited spy spoof novel.

Tacita is quickly up to her neck in a roller coaster ride of an adventure involving intelligence and criminal organizations with a extensive range of acronymic names, such as SPECTRUSH and BANGLE. Throw in time travelling trips to the OK Corral during the famous gunfight, Whitechapel during Jack the Ripper’s escapades, ancient Rome during the reign of Caligula, and a deep space trip to Alpha Centauri that leads to our heroine meeting the crew of the Neptune 2, a spaceship crewed by the Bobbinson family, Major Dan East, the ship’s robot and a troublesome stowaway, Doctor Zuggery Snyth.

Throw in the personification of a deity of a civilization long forgotten and Miami Blast ticks all the boxes for a rollicking good yarn and laugh-a-minute story telling.

Get it here


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