I’m big in Britain!

I’ve sold three copies of “Don’t Touch My Trident” in Great Britain this month. And I got a five star review from a total stranger! You won’t find it on Amazon US, just Amazon UK, so I’m reprinting it here:
Funny, engaging and well written
By Daniela
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
The characters are realistic. It’s a crime “drama” of divine proportions set up in the time when atlanteans still walked their streets and dragons were their flying horses. I might add that the Gods still liked to play mysterious, but at least they showed up –whether you wanted it or not. The humour is the blood in this fleshy narrative.


Someone took the tip of a trident tine from the sea god’s statue and Poseidon is pissed. High Priestess Shuretra (actually a Fair to Middling Priestess) has exactly one week to apprehend the perpetrator before everyone in Atlantis goes glug, glug, glug. But can she solve the crime and still find time to run some errands for her mother?


don't touch my trident


Just published my latest short story, “Chunk.” It’s a dystopian tale about a guy who gets the power to go through walls and turn invisible, which could allow him to save the world, but his first priority is to spy on the chick down the hall. It’s not the only “Chunk” on amazon, but it’s probably the weirdest.


The Jade Corpse Caper

Gangster girl Calla O’Gurk braves zombies, mummies and three-headed dogs to swipe an ancient jade statuette from the home of Chicago industrialist Fulminius Squale. Now all she has to do is deliver it to an old lady in New Orleans and her job is done. What could possibly go wrong?


Free Murder

To celebrate the release of Noralei Gloom’s latest lethal tale, “Congo Kill,” I am bundling it with her first two adventures. In addition, from Dec. 29-Jan. 2, the first tale, “The Ghastly Deeds of Miss Noralei Gloom,” will be free. So you have a choice – one Noralei murder, free of charge, or her first three murders bundled together in one ghastly grouping for 99 cents!

Noralei Gloom strikes again!

The infamous Noralei Gloom claims another victim in this second ghastly excerpt from her blood-curdling journal.


Forget Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd

Noralei Gloom is here!

In the annals of the London Metropolitan Police, there is one case more infamous than any other, one criminal whose foul deeds have no equal. No, I’m not talking about Jack the Ripper, but Miss Noralei Gloom. This is an excerpt from her journal, revealed here for the first time, despite the strenuous objections of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner and the Home Office, who have suppressed the truth about these ghastly events for over a century.